I hope by now you know I'm Ashley, or Ash. I alternate he/she/they pronouns, but feel free to default to they/them. I am the author behind this Substack and am loving the vibes we already have here.

I am currently reading Gideon the Ninth, I know, I know. Finally! I've been working on my queer dark academia novella, creating digital collages on my Instagram, and dreaming about autumn.

Topics I would love to discuss: reading as escapism, mental health cycles as a neurodivergent creator, why we need angry and messy queer characters, and so many other things.

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whoa this is so cool! I didn't know you could do these! How fun

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Okay and already broke the rules lmao. I am Lisa, she/her. I'm currently reading Reality Is Not What It Seems by Carlo Rovelli (I'm on a real physics kick.) But I am ALSO reading House of Leaves, Spellbound, and a cozy mystery called Murder by the Book (Lauren Elliot.) I am working on a nonfiction book about magic and creativity. Dreaming about...well if I am HONEST, I am dreaming about going on an ayahuasca journey hahaha. (One day...) On that note me and my husband have been watching How to Change Your Mind on Netflix and it is WILD. Open to any topics of discussion...lately I've been thinking about "boxing ourselves in" (as creators...I write horror but it's not the only thing I write, nor is it the only thing I want to be "known" for...)

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I'm Nix! My pronouns are they/them and I'm queer. I am somewhere on the neurospicy spectrum -- I seem to have many ADHD and autistic experiences. I've got multiple chronic illnesses. I do most of my public writing at my own Substack, as well as being a weirdo on Twitter.

I'm in a place right now where I *want* to read, but it's very difficult to focus. I feel grossed out by most hetero romances, which is unfortunate because that used to be an easy fallback genre for me. I prefer to both read and write speculative and fantasy fiction, but I haven't written anything fictional in quite a few years. My usual writing is essay and personal memoir, and many of my recent pieces are inspired by song lyrics.

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Hello! I'm Pirate, or D, or Nico. Whichever is easiest for you to remember! they/them.

I'm currently reading three books and loving all of them: The Dawn of Yangchen (two avatars before Kyoshi and I. f*cking. love! her!), The Priory of the Orange Tree (dragons!!!!), and The Count of Monte Cristo (far easier to read than I was expecting, is mostly dialogue so far, and it opens on a ship!)

Three books, huh? Welp. Guess you can always tell when I'm avoiding homework 😅. I'm taking a summer class at the moment (aerospace materials), I'm heading to Con next week (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), and then the fall semester starts before the month ends. I'm pretty busy these days. Not to mention I'm co-ML for my (big!) city's NaNoWriMo region, work as often as I'm available, have two kids and two pups at home, and will be needing to carve out time to watch a musical every so often. Oh, and my gosh! I'm the secretary for my schools Aerospace Maintenance Club!

Anyways...... Topics I'd like to discuss here? Time management for the neurodivergent brain, and how to convince ourselves it's okay to take breaks because... THAT. Was a lot. 😬

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Helloooo 👋 Amber (she/her).

I’m late (because that’s who I am as a person 😅), severely ADHD (hence the lateness), and a mother to two young boys (oh hey, another reason I’m late everywhere).

I’m currently reading Lisa Crown’s Story Genius (slowly) and trying desperately not to make too many major changes to my WIP because of what I read.

My animal companion is a black cat (Sirius Black). I love Studio Ghibli films, weird indie alternative music, and destroying the patriarchy.

Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Rising. Walking Paradox

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